Spark your Meditation Practice with Sankalpa


THAT word. It’s no ordinary word. It’s not passive, say like “resolution”…

Resolutions work on the premise that by sheer will we can create an END result. With resolutions, we make a list. A long list of things we WON’T do or need to LET GO of…like eating certain foods, behaving a certain way, our attitude about certain situations…

With resolutions, the focus is the REMOVAL of all NEGATIVE aspects, with HOPES to emerge a less flawed version of you…in some future state.

But can you really see yourself willfully following through on a resolution… in some hypothetical FUTURE? So you hope to willfully not eat that piece of cake in the future? Or you hope not to snap at someone in the future?

You get the idea.

This is where INTENTIONS come in handy.

With Sankalpa, the focus is on ATTRACTING all POSITIVE qualities, with a VISION of emerging a better version of you. For example, you may set an intention before a yoga practice. “I intend to stay longer in mountain pose.”

With intentions, you CONSCIOUSLY decide how you will REASON, will your WILL, and then ACT.

Sankalpa is the Sanskrit word that embodies this concept. A Sankalpa is a PURE and POWERFUL intention.

A Sankalpa is created from a spark from the soul

Sankalpa channels energy to manifest a goal by enlisting singled-pointed will, determination, and action.

Sankalpa created from the heart is a reflection of your divine self or true self-nature, such as “I am peace”. 

Sankalpa created from the intellectual mind, perhaps related to goals that support your life’s purpose, such as “I am a successful life coach”. 

Sankalpa created for your meditation practice is sacred. It is a divine spark that comes not just from your mind or heart, but from your soul.

Easy Steps to Set Your Meditation Practice Sankalpa

The great thing about a Sankalpa is that it is good for meditation, but also good for all daily life activities.

By initiating each meditation with a Sankalpa you are consciously allocating your energy, time, and space to align your intentions for your soul’s highest purpose. By reciting your Sankalpa at the start of your meditation affirms your commitment to strengthening your meditation.

  1. Acknowledge you are complete: Before creating your Sankalpa, pause between breaths, give space between thoughts, to re-align your true self-nature. Remind the intellectual mind of its unity with the universe and its wholeness.  You have everything you need.
  2. Listen to your heart: Discovering your Sankalpa is a process of active listening. Your heart is consciously aware of what it needs, and how to access it. It’s not a mystery to your heart or something you need to create.
  3. Be specific: Setting specific intentions to support your life purpose can help you align your moment-to-moment choices with your heartfelt desire. 
  4. Phrase your Sankalpa in the present tense: By phrasing your Sankalpa in the present tense you open up the flow of dynamic energy to this moment from your heart. Channel your pure energy into the NOW. Trust that everything you need is accessible to you in this current moment.
  5. Take action: Once you are clear on your intentions, you must then take action. This is how you consciously channel your energy to make progress on your meditation or any life goals.

Surrender the Outcome

Simply by the act of setting a positive intention, taking daily pausing to reflect on your Sankalpa, and meditating, you are already helping to shift the energy from old patterns. Acknowledge that you are on your path to manifest your goals. You are on a journey. On this journey, you will need to proactively nurture and cultivate your intended goals.