22 Powerful Sankalpas for 2022

Sankalpa is the Sanskrit word for Intention.

Sankalpa is more powerful than an intention though. It is actually a vow between you and the Universe as it reflects your highest truth.

With uttered with resolve you set in motion an vibration.

This energy is a catalyst that emerges from a deeper level than your thinking mind.

A Sankalpa – an intention that is spoken in the form of an affirmation in the present tense, such as I am whole, I am complete, or I accept myself as I am.

If you are seeking inspiration for your intentions for 2022, consider these 22 Sankalpas.

When spoken with conviction you will notice an immediate positive mindset shift and manifest the desired outcome of the Sankalpas.

  1. Every day I am more relaxed and present.
  2. Being calm and relaxed energizes my whole being.
  3. I feel radiant and vitalized.
  4. I feel deep peace…descends all around me Рpeace within Рpeace everywhere.
  5. My aura is bright and I am magnetizing.
  6. Divine abundance flows into my life.
  7. All is well in my world and I feel flow.
  8. I am content and filled with grace.
  9. I am happy and healthy in Body Mind and Spirit.
  10. My dreams and aspirations become reality.
  11. I live today with strength in my heart and clarity in my mind.
  12. I can tap into a wellspring of inner happiness anytime I wish, and I rest in happiness.
  13. When I go to sleep knowing all is well in my world.
  14. My world is peaceful and my home is harmonious.
  15. I love and accept myself unconditionally.
  16. My body is healthy – my mind is clear – my soul is tranquil.
  17. Calmness washes over me with every breath I take.
  18. I respond peacefully in all situationsI surrender and let go.
  19. I breathe in calmness and breath out peace.
  20. I witness miracles every day.
  21. With synchronicity & the law of attraction, I invite enlightened loving souls.
  22. The Universe is conspiring with me to help create my perfect life.

A Sankalpa Guided Meditation

To accompany these statements enjoy this short Yoga Nidra practice infused with 22 powerful Sankalpa statements.

  • This Sankalpa Guided Meditation is led by a Yoga Nidra practice (a relaxing yoga practice that can be done laying down). Be prepared to be in Shivasana. Keep handy a pillow, blanket, journal, and pen. Find yourself in a comfortable place, and be prepared to listen to powerful intentions.

Credit: Abundance Meditation Music composed by #MusicofWisdom – Licensed from https://meditationmusiclibrary.com/