Interested in Transforming Your Life?

Discover how a Mindset & Meditation Coach can facilitate your transformations.


Discovery Session

Getting started is the hardest part. Let’s connect for brief yet deep discovery session to identify how you want to serve your highest purpose in this life. Through my coaching tools I provide a safe space to heal and grow.

Power Flow

In this package I'll be offering 3 hours of deep outcome-driven coaching. We co-create transformations based on specific intentions and goals identified through a discovery process. Through self-inquiry and meditation we uncover blocks and growth opportunities. This intensive session serves to bring clarity and flow in specific areas of your life, either personally or professionally.

Peak Coaching

In this personalized 1:1 coaching over the course of 12 weeks we cover specific goals for personal transformations.

Conscious Corporate Meditation Coaching

This virtual meditation coaching is intended to transform group consciousness and shift an organization’s culture. Through corporate meditation, mindful leadership, mindset tools for managing stress, this service will increase the overall holistic wellness of your employees. The results will include improved productivity, improved focus and clarity, reduction in stress and anxiety, and increased creativity and innovation. Your employee will feel calmer, healthier and happier. I’ll work together with you company to cultivate healthy choices that seamlessly meets your company culture.

Mompreneur Group Coaching

This group coaching program is intended to serve middle-aged moms navigating the space of recreating yourself as an entrepreneur while balancing motherhood. In this 8 week intimate group program like-minded women have an opportunity to develop skills to manage anxiety, develop more self-awareness of your thought patterns, breath, and how you can better harness your energy. Through mindset and meditation tools you’ll develop clarity in how to best utilize your skills, create clearer boundaries to achieve your goals, reclaim your time, and structure your day to dedicate your time to create your business while cultivating more calmness through meditation and self-care nourishment.

Collective Consciousness Circle

This 45 minutes group meditation circle will safely support your journey for regular meditation. Through the ripple effects of collective positive vibrations, you’ll find peace and inner calmness.

Mommy & Me

Mommy & Me Meditation meditation sessions delivered live online so that you may meditate with your child from the comfort of your own home. Sessions include guided meditation and private instruction for parents. The intention is to to ease kids into meditation while offering guidance for the parents so they may coach their child during the grounding meditation practices.

Joyful Warriors Unitedly Meditate

We are in a period of global distress, hence now is the time to unite with your fellow spiritual warriors through group meditation. Starting in October, I'll be hosting this free/donation-based virtual group, every Wednesday at 5 PM PST.
This group gives you an opportunity to connect with the collective energy of a tribe while taking transformative action through meditation. Join us, and meditate with the intention for a just election outcome, and for results that serve for the greater good of humanity. 


I’ll passionately guide my clients first from a place of inner stillness, then self inquiry. Here are some of the kind words expressed by my clients.

Rachèle DeMéo, M.A, M.Ed.
Rachèle DeMéo, M.A, M.Ed.Founder & Instructor of BelleTerreAcademy

When I started receiving Peak Coaching from the talented and lovely Shilpa, I didn't know how or even if it would help my professional and personal life. From the very first session, I knew I would learn and grow through her. Since then, she's helped me tremendously to achieve professional goals I needed to figure out. She helped me identify what I truly needed to work on, with guidance on how to make transformations. She listened patiently for hours as I rambled on about my projects. She offered guidance and solutions. She taught me how to manage stress better, how to breathe properly, how to meditate effectively. She has been a huge contribution to my professional success. Many of her suggestions proved to work successfully. She also helped me in my personal life...

Julie R. Dargis, PhD
Julie R. Dargis, PhDGlobal Humanitarian & COVID-19 Response Consultant

I worked with Shilpa for eight weeks, through her Peak Coaching service. During this time I experienced a palpable shift in my inner world. I was able to connect more closely with myself on the soul level, and this resulted in a more balanced outlook on life in general. The gentle meditations to start and end the sessions provided a calming frame for our weekly discussions. I appreciated Shilpa’s warm commitment to our work. She created a safe place for me to explore issues within myself, and I highly recommend her as a Meditation Coach to others who would like to advance their own spiritual growth.

Experience Stillness

Just 5 minutes of meditation can essentially calm your heart, ease your breaths, and soften your mind.


In my blogs you will receive articles intended to bring clarity on how best to mindfully navigate life, using mindset and meditation techniques. Through story-telling I share strategies, lessons, and tips. I also offer anecdotes as a mother balancing all the precious moments while facing the daily challenges of BECOMING - a momprenuer, a liberated soul, and a better fellow human.

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