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Ranked in the Top 10% Globally by ListenNotes, The Omni Mindfulness Podcast is an inspiring journey into the minds of spiritually-conscious entrepreneurs. Shilpa Lewis is an Intuitive Spiritual Sage meets Social Marketing Strategist, extracting invaluable wisdom from soulful solopreneurs and thought leaders who have mastered personal-professional harmony.

The show covers 4 theme-based seasons – Spirituality, Mindfulness, Energy Awareness, and Mindset – with an overarching theme of storytelling for solopreneurs. For those feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or unfulfilled, Shilpa curates pragmatic tips to live a holistically balanced life while integrating mindfulness marketing. Each episode provides actionable guidance to amplify visibility, and authority, and future-proof your entrepreneurial path.  

With a Master’s in Human-Computer Interaction and experience working alongside industry leaders, Shilpa brings serious tech cred from her foundation in software product design and AI – well before it was a household name. But her true jam is blending that digital prowess with her spiritual side as a meditation coach. She loves diving into the trippy convergence of AI, neuroplasticity, and awakened consciousness.

Whether a soulful solopreneur or professional seeking work-life integration, Shilpa empowers you to harmonize mind, body, and spirit. By embracing life’s ebb and flow, you can grow through adversity to manifest greater impact as a conscious leader.

For an immersive journey, tune in for insightful guest interviews and Shilpa’s uplifting solo-casted episodes – both transforming how you approach entrepreneurship while staying grounded in purpose!


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Hey there mindful souls!

I’m Shilpa, the host of the Omni Mindfulness Podcast, and I’m on a mission to ignite sparks of mindfulness in the lives of high-functioning, empowered women and men like you. But I’m not alone in this journey; I need your support to keep the mindfulness magic alive!

Hosting the Omni Mindfulness Podcast is more than just a passion project for me – it’s a calling. Every episode is crafted with love, infused with wisdom, and designed to empower you to find balance, purpose, and joy in both your personal and professional life.

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