About the Omni Mindfulness Podcast

Do you feel stuck in a loop, overwhelmed, or anxious?

You are not alone.

Everyone wants to learn how to feel calmer. Everyone feels they lack time or energy for self-improvement. And many people want to learn how to get unstuck either personally or professionally.

Omni Mindfulness is a one-of-a-kind podcast that offers inspirational stories, mini-guided meditations, and practical tips to become more present in a fast and often chaotic world.

This unique podcast takes a pragmatic approach to topics around Mindfulness, Mindset, Energy Awareness, and Spirituality. This approach is intended to help you live a holistically balanced life, and motivate you to make small shifts to bring more joy into your life.

Each month this mindfulness podcast explores some of the most thought-provoking questions at the core of the life of a 21st-century Professional Working Woman or Mompreneur.

These questions are explored in a deep manner with expert guests and can be applied to the modern lives of women who are seeking to reset, relax, and revitalize their life.

Join Mindset & Meditation Coach Shilpa as she offers solo talks and relevant stories and tips each month.

Change your life by changing how you approach life.

Omni Mindfulness 2023 Schedule

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