8 Ways to Up your Vibe through Awareness

Everything is energy.

Increasing our awareness of how our energy is affected is key.

This year my goal is to learn to harness my energy with the intention to increase my vitality.

As multifaceted vibrational beings, we are affected by 8 primary sources that result in making us broadcast a vibration that is either positive or negative. 

1. Be Aware of your Thoughts

Thoughts have frequencies, and by the laws of quantum physics if you are the origin of negative thoughts then that vibration comes back to you. Even the thoughts we think about ourselves affect not only our mood but our overall energy. This is why through meditation and introspection you become aware of your thoughts.  

Tip:  To cultivate positive thoughts you might need to rewire the brain through affirmations, or new neural pathways through meditation. 

2. Be Aware of the Company you Keep 

“Environment,” Parmahansa Yogananda said, ” is stronger than willpower.”

The company that you keep may correlate to your vibrational frequency. And through the law of attraction over time you attract the frequency of your environment. 

Tip: Consider maintaining the friendship of those with a positive mindset and you will find yourself in this vibration. However, if your environment includes those you are often pessimistic, complaining, or gossiping then this will affect your energy pulling your frequency down. 

3. Be Aware of the Sounds You Listen to

Sounds have vibrational frequencies. And the type of music we listen to has the potential of being a source of healing. Notice how sometimes music invokes a flood of emotions, and we might get tears of joy, or feel goosebumps. 

As vibrating beings music can deeply heal our body, mind, heart, and soul.

However, music can trigger negative feelings if the content is dark, or the subject of the music is sad. Not only does the sound of the music affect your vibration, but also the words of the songs can lower your vibrational frequency. 

Tip: Music can be healing, so choose your sounds and music wisely. Sounds can help calm our breathing, retune our body, and help us release unhealed emotions.

4. Be Aware of the Effect of Visuals 

Visuals deliver information about content to your mind, which affects your whole being. Content that focuses on negative messages – from social media, or the news – such as hatred sends a message to your brain that releases chemicals to your body that affects your breath, your heart, and how your brain is wired, lowering your vibrational frequency.

Tip: Choose visual content, such as stories or films that uplift your mind, and increase your vibration. 

5. Be Aware of your Environment

  • Also known as the Feng Shui of the interior of your home or workspace. The term feng shui is based on the principles of balancing energy levels and promoting good energy. A disorganized or messy environment affects one’s ability to be present and can affect our energy. Also, the colors, lighting, how we manage our space – in terms of objects or furniture we choose to keep, and the placement of certain items can affect the environment’s energy flow. 
  • Tip: Learn to mindfully declutter your home, and selectively choose the appropriate colors or items that increase your environment’s level of harmony and increase the energy flow. 

6. Be Aware of your Words

“Words are Windows or They are a Wall” – Ruth Bebermeyer

Spoken words can not only affect our relationships but can also influence our vibratory level. If the intention behind the words is to speak negatively about others, then the energy you emit will affect your vibration frequency. Changing the way we choose our words may require mindfulness in our response to situations or circumstances. Words we choose to describe ourselves even affect our energy. 

Tip: Often times our negative words are based on how we have been conditioned to respond. Consider setting the intention to watch your words, with the intention for harmony. And next time you are triggered, notice what words you are associating with the emotions that are surfacing up for you. Pause to reflect on you intend to respond when a similar situation occurs. 

7. Be Aware of Your Ability to Feel Gratitude 

Gratitude not only affects our neural pathways but also positively affects our overall vibratory frequency. The habit of gratitude for not just the positive things or circumstances, but for all life experiences enables you to turn even the challenges of life into opportunities. 

Tip: Consider integrating the habit of intentionally writing down one thing you are grateful for each morning or being grateful for something as it affects your 5 senses. For example, when you walk into a room notice the scent of a candle or flower, and by choosing to feel grateful for that one thing you may increase your vibratory level. 

8. Be Aware of the Food you Consume

While you may agree that food is made of energy, have you considered that the type of food you consume has a vibration? What you consume affects not only your physical energy but spiritual energy – this is energy that is contained in all living things often referred to as ‘chi’. 

If all things are energy then some of the earth’s elements such as plants vibrate at a higher frequency. So, aside from reasons that include sustainability, and animal ethics, a plant-based diet has an overall impact on increasing the vibration of our wellbeing. 

Unhealthy food consumption patterns or habits can increase stress, anxiety, and our overall level of energy. If you are feeling tired, or moody it’s very likely others around you will feel your low vibratory frequency. 

Tip: Consider plant-based, nutrient-dense, fresh, foods to increase your vibration such as green smoothies loaded with fresh leafy greens, berries, nuts & seeds, and flax seeds. And consider deriving your protein from sources like beans & legumes, and sprouts. Check out Smoothie Shred for ideas on integrating greens into your diet to increase your metabolism and vitality.