How to Awaken Your Financial Metamorphosis

Are you aware of your “money think” mindset? 

In her book, Awaken Your Wealth: Creating A Pact to Optimize Your Money and Your Life, author Julie Murphy offers her insights on the connection between our “money think” mindset and how that energy (in terms of what we choose to think) affects our financial reality. 

Everything is energy. Money is also a form of energy.

Gaining some form of financial abundance requires changing our relationship with money. 

Do you feel FEAR in spending money, with the concern that there is a limited flow of money? Are you caught up in a perpetual loop of living in survival mode, with a SCARCITY MINDSET?

Or do you feel OPTIMISTIC that there is an unlimited flow of money? 

Both mindsets invoke thinking patterns that expend energy.

How can you channel your energy to fuel the Abundance Mindset? 

Clarity through Inquiry

My daily meditation includes reflecting on various aspects of my life. 

A financial meditation includes words that place focus on your thoughts and feelings specifically regarding financial aspects of your life.

The Universe gives you what you ask for, not only through your words but also via your energetic vibration


In her book, Julie describes how she applies the Primordial Sound Meditation principles to her meditation routine. This routine starts with an inquiry, that includes reflections on four questions: Who Am I? What do  I want? What is my purpose? What am I grateful for? 

You can manifest the various aspects of your life, including finances by writing your goals using these questions.

For example, in reference to “Who am I” Julie fills in the blank, “I am the owner of a multi-million-dollar company based on financial wellness that helps people everywhere live the lives they desire.

Before achieving her goal of running a multi-million-dollar company she would write, “I am creating a multi-million-dollar business that brings in more revenue than I can imagine this year and triples the next.”

By creating this intention through her daily meditations within a few years this goal became her reality.

This meditation process that includes answering questions on various aspects of desired life outcomes allows one to gain clarity.

The more you practice the easier it gets. 

The questions are intended to help you get aligned with a higher energetic vibration.

When you learned to create space for this inquiry and channel your energy to go deeper into quiet stillness, you open yourself up to gain clarity. 

Clarity on your soul’s true desires, and clarity around what is or is not serving you well at this specific moment in your life. 

Per Julie, “the words might not come in the form of rational or conscious thought, but as a message and feeling communicated within my brain and body. Carefully observe the emotions that come up for you on this path for your own personal and financial metamorphosis.” 

I am releasing all that no longer serves my highest and best interest and attracting all that does


Affirmations Strengthen your Resolve 

I often express how much I believe in the power of affirmations. Once you are clear on your intentions and desired outcomes, it helps to have an affirmation practice.

In her book, Julie reminds us that the Latin origin of the word affirmation means “to strengthen”. 

Affirmations, therefore, are a way to channel our energy.

In her signature financial planning process called PACT (P: Picturing Yourself, A: Accepting Reality and Awakening, C: Choosing to Change, T: Taking Action) Julie offers a four-step system that facilitates financial transformation that is personalized. 

This process utilizes emotional energy, activated through the human heart’s energy to shift your energy from your current financial position to a more abundant one. 

Financial affirmations are one tool that can be practiced as part of the PACT process or on its own.

Financial affirmations are a way to strengthen our life’s financial well-being, and how our life unfolds in terms of abundance. 

Each time you focus your attention on the word of your affirmation you are creating an imprint in your mind for the way you expect your life to unfold. And while the affirmations may not be true for you right NOW, by repeating the statements as frequently as possible – by writing them in your journal, listening to the words in the form of guided meditation, or silently humming them you are shifting your money-think mindset to manifest the outcome in some future moments of your life. 

Affirmations with the format “I am” followed by positive words focused from your heart-space generate a powerful momentum to manifest the metamorphosis you desire.

Affirmations to Awaken Your Wealth

Julie offers the below affirmations to help her clients work through the PACT process:

  • I am financially independent
  • I am worthy of receiving all good things
  • I am who I want to be and where I want to be
  • I am happy for you and all that you have. I am part of this abundant world where there is plenty for everyone, including me.
  • I am a money magnet.

These affirmations will help you manifest your desired financial reality. 

To learn more about the PACT process, and receive further financial coaching from Julie read her book, and visit her website here

Below are additional money mindset affirmations. Choose the ones that resonate with you.

  • Abundance is my divine right.
  • Money flows freely to me.
  • I make abundantly.
  • I choose to awaken financial flow.
  • I am open to receiving financial wealth.

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