7 ways to Make a Positive Impact on our Environment

Co-written with the founder of Make an Impact – #MKNMPCT, Tisha Gehringer.

When it comes to doing our part to help our environment we each have the ability to make consistent micro changes. 

And those changes can start locally. 

Recently, I had a meaningful conversation on my Podcast, Omnipresent Awareness, with guest Tisha who is the founder of #MKNMPCT (Make an Impact). 

#MKNMPCT is Tisha’s grassroots effort to make small yet meaningful changes for a positive impact on our precious planet. 

Tisha passionately believes

If you CAN, why wouldn’t you!”

Tisha Gehringer

And as it turns out everyone has something they CAN do. 

For some it’s money, for some it’s time, and for some, it’s simply a small act each day that adds up over time and creates change. 

People underestimate the power of example.

Through her example, Tisha has created a movement for eco-conscious living.

She believes that, if you live in a way that inspires others and then one more person acts which then causes another person to act, it all adds up. 

And as it turns out people are not only inspired by Tisha’s example, but they are beginning to ACT!

It’s not uncommon that friends of Tisha’s will be fishing on the east coast and will scoop out trash from the ocean, like balloons, and they will send her a picture with #MKNMPCT.

People are paying attention. 

Sometimes these acts of change may occur in ways you will never see yourself but in a way that shifts everyone you influence and that energy spreads ……….FAST!! 

One of Tisha’s favorite quotes from Atomic Habits is “It’s one thing to say I’m the type of person who wants this. It’s something very different to say I’m the type of person who IS this.” 

All change takes ACTION and the smallest daily actions can create a cumulative effect in your life and also in those around you.

So take action, and consider the below tips on how you can #MKNMPCT (MAKE AN IMPACT) to improve our environment.

7 things Tisha does daily to make an impact #MKNMPCT:

  1. Fills up her water container, and avoids buying plastic bottles.
  2. Brings her own bag, and skips the one-use plastic bags.
  3. Patrons stores and restaurants that align with her goals: plant-based and planet-friendly. 
  4. Picks up a piece of trash or more every day.
  5. Buys recycled and repurposed products: consignment stores and Patagonia second hand website are her favs!
  6. Drives an environmentally friendly car, and rides her bike as much as possible.
  7. Avoid wasting by buying less, reusing more, and visits the farmer’s market weekly for her shopping.

Each of us has within us the power to make a difference.

How will you make an impact? And when you intentionally make an impact (even the smallest action) for our planet post #MKNMPCT!

Podcast Guest on Omnipresent Awareness, Tisha Gehringer

This blog was written in collaboration with Tisha Gehringer. founder of #MKNMPCT. To learn more about Tisha listen to my conversation with her on my Podcast, Omnipresent Awareness.