What role do you play in the movie of your life?

Have you ever watched classic old movies?

From the visuals to the quality of the dialogue, these movies were defined by the slower pace, longer drawn-out detailed scenes, at a generally lower volume. 

There were more pauses between words and spaces between scenes.

In those pauses, you are given an opportunity to develop a relationship with the movie characters, by deeply listening. 

You might even feel empathy for the character if they are grieving. 

In those spaces, you are given an opportunity to tune in to the emotions evoked, by becoming aware of the surrounding context.

The storylines from these older genres of films held the interest and attention of the viewer through a cadence that may have been slower, but often calming. 

For example, scenes like turning a doorknob, pouring a glass of water, or simply taking steps along a sidewalk brought focus on each moment-by-moment experience. 

What role do you play in your meditations?

When you meditate do you become identified with the characters? Or do you choose to observe the storyline from a more compassionate witness perspective?

Next time you meditate, consider a self-nurturing experience. One where you are observing a slower, calming, and more meaningful movie that has you truly tuned in to the moment-by-moment experience. 

Three things to consider when meditating as a compassionate witness:

  1. Thinking: The quality of your thoughts can influence the emotional tone of the story projected. Consider becoming aware of the thoughts. Are your thoughts racing?
  2. Breathing: The degree to how relaxed your breathing is can influence the cadence of the story portrayed. Consider becoming aware of your breathing. Is your breathing shallow?
  3. Listening: The depth of your ability to settle into stillness can influence what you choose to focus on and assign meaning to within the stories. Consider deeper listening. Is your mind quiet?

Just like the old school movies if you allow yourself to focus on the storyline, your life, the experience will be more rewarding.