3 Tips to Vibrate Higher with Your Feminine Energy

You are Vibration

Regardless of our gender, we live in a world where risk losing sight of who we really are.

In her book, Vibrate Higher Daily, author Lalah Delia shares, “There is a deeper part of each of us beyond our race, ethnicity, gender, class, and appearance – a vital part. This is our vibration: whole-body energy always vibrates in response to the communicative connections between the mind, body, spirit, and all things. No matter where you’re from, what your social class is, or the color of your skin, vibration is vibration. We all feel it. And we are all affected by it in the same way. It’s a universal thing. Everybody feels the effect of vibrations, and everyone is vibration.”

As women, we are often at risk of forgetting that by tuning into the frequency of feminine energy we are able to vibrate at a higher level.

Tapping into the Feminine Energy Vibration

In this month’s podcast roundup, I highlighted the women who have taken the daring steps to own their feminine energy. From these women, you may find inspiration, as you bring forward to the world your own special gifts.

Perhaps your gift as a mythic storyteller, such as that of Marialuisa, inspires a woman who has been seeking a connection with her ancestors.

Maybe your gift of joyful courage, such as that of Sarah, who, against so many life challenges, found her feminine empowered voice which goes on to inspire women who felt they had no voice.

Or your gift as that of an editor, such as that of Tiffany, inspires women who felt they had no story to tell, who didn’t have the confidence to dig deep into their soul and articulate their story which then helps heal others.

Each of these women navigated a long path to arrive at the place where they are able to nurture themselves as well as others. Through reflection on their journey and their experiences with heartbreak, trauma, and emotional pain, or recognizing places in their life where they might have been stuck, they learned self-compassion. Allowing in the light of self-love they expanded themselves.

Imagine realizing your feminine energy, by being authentically aligned with your higher self.

Getting to the place of being fully embodied with your higher self is a journey.

Tips to Nurture Your Feminine Energy

The journey to inner transformation and healing is about recognizing your divine right to vibrate at a higher level. Increasing your vibration requires nurturing or self-care.

Consider nurturing your feminine energy using the following tips:

  • Create Your Sacred Space: This physical space where you practice self-care. It is where you take care of your soul. In this space surround yourself with elements that bring you joy, inspiration, and calmness. Learn to regularly meditate, journal, and create your vision board in this space. What are your intentions for your soul?
  • Create Your Vision Board: Trust that what you want in life is possible. Bravely envision what you would like to bring with you into your future. Journal your thoughts and ideas, and allow yourself to be honest about your own limiting beliefs, patterns of thoughts, and old stories. What are your feelings in that future moment?
  • Create Your Routine: Learn to structure your day. And identify what boundaries you need to create within yourself and with your relationships to support your goals and dreams. What habits do you need to say YES to in order to daily be in alignment with your authentic self? What habits do you need to say NO as they no longer serve you?

Trust that by remaining open and receptive, your soul will receive the strength for rebirth and renewal.

Once you are fully embodied in this energy, you have the ability to authentically facilitate in helping others around you make meaningful shifts.

Allow yourself to imagine the possibilities of your future through the act of practicing the self-nurturing tips outlined above.