From Vocal Paralysis to Feminine Empowered Voice, A Conversation with Sarah Peace (Episode #62)

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About the Podcast Guest:

Sarah Peace is a Speaker, Kitchen Coach, and Joyful Life Advocate.

From birth, Sarah has learned to survive and thrive, having been born with a rare condition that required over 35 surgeries, paralyzed her vocal cords, and forced her to overcome PTSD. Once Sarah could not eat, except through a feeding tube. But when Sarah had her first bite of food as a toddler, she observed that the conversations during meals created special bonds.

While growing up in a “foodie family”, Sarah fell in love with food and connecting in the kitchen. She learned how to serve herself and others while gaining confidence through cooking.

Since then, Sarah has made it her life mission to connect and create lasting bonds through food and stories. She is the founder of Joyfully Delicious Kitchen Consulting, where she combines kitchen coaching with teaching how to live a joyful life through conscious choice.

She believes her feminine power comes from her ability to choose joy.

In this podcast, Sarah shares stories of finding her feminine empowered voice.

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