Confronting Systemic Racism and Healing Racial Trauma, Insights from Antiracist Psychotherapist David Archer (Episode #39)

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David is an anti-racist psychotherapist and author of Black Meditation.

His expertise has been influenced by the principles of mindfulness, intersectional feminism, and critical race theory.

He is keenly aware of the needs of underserved populations including members of the African diaspora (The Maafa), survivors of colonization, and those persons who have experienced intergenerational trauma.

David has invested more than eleven years in the field of mental health services. He maintains a full-time private practice and is often recruited to provide consulting services to other therapists and organizations throughout North America. He has a Master of Social Work graduate from McGill University, where he also subsequently graduated from their Couple and Family Therapy program. He is also a registered Marriage and Family Therapist.

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