On Resiliency from a MS Warrior: A Conversation with Keelin O’brien (Episode #10)

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Keelin is a professional graphic designer, illustrator, and artist.

She’s worked at Amazon for the last 10 years.

While working at Amazon, she created an artistic event called the Amazon ArtWalk.

In 2010 Keelin was diagnosed with MS.

She chose to face this adversity by taking action, so in 2014 she created a bike race team for a cure.

While still searching for the right cure, she gave birth to her son. Shortly afterward she became a single mom, still searching for a cure.

The following year she underwent three years of a newly-FDA-approved treatment,   which has kept her in semi-permanent remission.

Fast forward to 2021, and Keelin is now writing a book about her journey with MS.

She hopes to share her story of resilience by offering insights on how she managed her MS through a holistic lifestyle that includes meditation, acupuncture, and yoga, cycling, rock climbing, and walking everywhere.

Keelin believes resilience is a hard-earned personality trait. It is a badge of survival. Resilience to Keelin means always looking for the silver lining, finding gratitude especially within difficult lessons, and never giving up.

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