On Resiliency through the Lens of a Soulful Photographer: A Conversation with Ashley Strong (Episode #8)

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Since a little girl, Ashley has been enamored by the power of documenting moments in time. Photography was embedded in her soul.

For years, photography was a “side hustle”, something she did at nights and weekends after working her, as she says, “responsible 9-5.”  It’s only after the profound question “Am I really living or am I simply existing?” came to her, that everything changed.

She immediately brought to life a lifelong dream of teaching and living in Africa. She taught English on Mafia Island, Tanzania with World Teach, and there, she fell in love with herself, life, and with a sensationally sincere South African man, who is now her husband. She also got certified to teach around the world – which brought her to living and teaching in South Africa and Costa Rica. All the while letting her camera guide her heart and encapsulating all of the beauty she was witnessing.

Upon returning to the United States With $700 and an old car to her name, she made the bold commitment to launch her photography business, Ashley Strong Photography, full time.

Little by little, her client base started to expand, her commitment to creating an intentional business started to grow and before she knew it, she was documenting weddings around the world, inspirational entrepreneurs in her hometown, families expanding and every expression of love in-between. In 2018, she incorporated as Strong Smith, Inc and since then, she’s been humbled to expand every year. Ashley also launched Wings of a Flower Print shop – an exclusive collection of prints from Costa Rica, South Africa, and Tanzania and her mentoring and education program all while being a mama to her inspirational, unique, adventures and loving little girl.

Today, you can find her with her humble little family nestled in the mountains of Southern California where she spends time documenting sincere love in all forms from engagements to weddings, pregnancies to birth, new businesses to celebrating monumental growth, and everything in between.

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