Raising Leadership to a Soul Level, A Conversation with Spiritual Business Coach, Maren Oslac (Episode #82)

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Maren is a business evolver with a passion for excellence and a drive to help successful leaders wake up and up-level their lives and their businesses.

Her triple career as a champion dancer, preeminent educator, and serial entrepreneur coalesced into “Dance With Life,”; a one-of-kind program that transforms the old school ‘push-your-way-through-to-get-ahead’ business paradigm to one of flow and grace.

After years of striving and pushing to attain success, Maren bridged the gap between her spiritual life and business life to connect to a place of deep listening and limitless flow. This resulted in greater success than striving ever produced, accompanied by inner peace and congruence and a commitment to share what she learned.

Maren is dedicated to helping leaders from every walk of life create a deeper, richer conversation with life and step into playing a bigger game. She revels in working with fellow travelers who know, like she did, “that there is a better way.”

Visit her website to download The Ultimate Guide to Life Spinning in Your Favor to tap into the guidance and endless abundance that is YOUR birthright, or check out her podcast with Stephanie J Allen at TheSoulfulLeaderPodcast.com

Are you a high-level achiever stuck in the life you created, trapped by your success, feeling called to something more, and ready for the next level?   It’s not only your birthright to live your true calling and dance through life abundantly, joyfully, and in flow, it’s your responsibility. A new paradigm is what’s needed most in the world right now and you are part of the solution.

You can find more information at marenoslac.com or TheSoulfulLeaderPodcast.com

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