Emerging into Mindful Mompreneur Moments – A Conversation with my Co-host Tanya (Episode #2)

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In today's conversation…My partner in mindful awareness (as we like to call ourselves) Tanya Monuma of Zennya Coaching and I came together for a joint interview-style episode. The month of September was all about emerging and so Tanya and I tell you a little about our journey as mompreneurs. On a side note, we will be co-hosting a podcast called Mindful Mompreneur Moments and we are SO EXCITED to be launching in October of 2021, so stay tuned for that and go ahead and follow us on Facebook and on Instagram @MindfulMomprenuerMoments by clicking on the links in the description. We go live on our Facebook page every Monday (Matcha Monday Lives!) where we share insights, technology tools and even have contests!

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