On Finding Purpose as a Life Coach By Helping Clients Navigate from Awareness to Action, A Conversation with Mark Pearson (Episode #28)

Mark Pearson is the founder and CEO of 369 Consultants. He formed 369 Consultants, a life coaching practice, to serve people that need help in achieving their goals. He works both as a generalist able to help anyone who wants to affect change in their lives and also as a specialist serving parents of toddlers to teenagers to increase their ability to foster harmonious and loving relationships using a strengths-based system for improving client’s self-awareness, understanding, wisdom, and ability to communicate and nurture their relationships.

Mark's studies were with Robbins-Madanes Training, the Coaching Institute, and the Empowerment Coach Academy. He gained insight and clarity on who he is as a person while simultaneously learning the skills and tools to use as a professional life coach in helping clients reach their goals, overcome their challenges and reframe their experiences.

Mark is a very proud dad of a 5-year-old daughter! They live in San Diego, CA. Mark grew up in CT and got a B.S. in Outdoor Education from the Univ. of New Hampshire. Prior professional positions he held included work as a high school teacher of youth-at-risk, a professional mega-yacht captain, as well as some sales and business development roles. With this eclectic history, the common threads through his positions are that of a leader and communicator.

When not working as a life coach Mark enjoys creating experiences and making memories with his daughter, connecting with family & friends, hiking, camping, listening to Audible books and podcasts, saunas & cold dips, and watching hockey (Go, Bruins!).

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