Be Healthy Enough, A Conversation with Fitness Solopreneur Amy Van Liew (Episode #70)

Even as those aches and pains of age can start to creep in, Amy helps women over 50 get moving through online workouts designed for just what we need – strength, low-impact cardio, Pilates, balance, posture, and more.

What’s different from traditional workouts (often geared toward people in their 30s) is that hers will leave you feeling good, not beat up. That way, you can “be healthy…enough” to do all the things you love to do in life!

After retiring from a 26-year career as an Engineering Program Manager, Amy carved out a space in her life to pursue a greater passion for helping others. She knows it takes time and effort to be healthy without aggravating the aches and pains that naturally come with age.  She pursued extended education to focus specifically on what women over 50 struggle with including a certification in Integrative Nutrition, Menopause, and Osteoporosis Fitness, Myofascial Release using the MELT Method, Corrective Exercise with The Biomechanics Method and has just completed an intense Pelvis Pro course with Dr. Sarah Duvall.

Along with filming new content for her digital fitness studio, Amy loves spending time at home with her husband and 2 furry kids, and continually expanding how many women over 50 she helps get moving and feeling better!

Amy's Social Links

  • website: https://behealthyenough.com/

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