On Cultivating Resliency from Evidence-based Resiliency Expert: A Conversation with Nathalie Grand (Episode #9)

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Nathalie teaches resilience and well-being through science-based positive psychology tools.

Her corporate experience acquired at several Fortune 500 companies coupled with her academic studies, her curiosity, and her love of learning have made her passionate about human psychology.

She is enthusiastic about sharing her passion for evidence-based well-being practices that everyone can implement to build a more resilient self, increase their well-being and flourish!

We are all faced with stressors, whether at work, within our family, or in our social lives. The key is to develop practical and simple tools to acquire relevant resources to mitigate their impact.

Nathalie translates the latest academic research into engaging workshops, where participants can expect to learn key concepts and most importantly the best way to apply them to everyday life situations.

Learn more about Nathalie through her social media links:

Workshop: https://nathaliegrand.com/resilience-toolbox-workshop/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nathaliegrandresilience

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nathalie_grand_resilience/

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