Niching Down in the Noble Space of Occupational Therapy. A Conversation with the Owner of OTSchoolhouse, Jayson Davies (Episode #78)

Conversation with the Owner of OTSchoolhouse.com

About Jayson:

Jayson Davies, MA, OTR/L Jayson has been a School-Based Occupational therapist for over ten years in Southern California. He is also the creator of OTSchoolhouse.com, a website and podcast to support occupational therapists transitioning to, or currently working in, the school system. In addition to supporting current occupational therapists, Jayson advises occupational therapy students at the university level. Jayson views education as an essential occupation for all individuals and strives to help learners of all ages make meaningful progress toward their lifelong goals. Jayson is the owner of Schoolhouse Education, LLC and OTSchoolhouse.com #OTSchoolhouse #ocupationaltherapy #SpiritualEntrepreneurship

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#OTSchoolhouse #ocupationaltherapy #SpiritualEntrepreneurship