The Manuscript Midwife On Embracing Her Feminine Power, A Conversation with Tiffany Vakilian (Episode #63)

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About the Podcast Guest:

Tiffany Vakilian is a quintessential Renaissance Gal, who is an award-winning poet and performer committed to helping women use spoken, written, sung, or embodied word art to facilitate worldwide social awareness and connection.

Known as the Manuscript Midwife, Tiffany created her Manuscript to Market Process to help unpublished authors transition from holding their stories inside to confidently sharing published books on the global stage.

Listen to Tiffany as she shares her powerful story of overcoming grief and experiencing empowerment as a Woman, Wife, Mother, Editor, Author, and International Speaker.

Tiffany is a regular volunteer for various artist-supporting nonprofits throughout San Diego, California, including the San Diego Book Awards, where she recently served as President. Not only that, she partners with other publishers to host the Let’s Get It Done exclusive retreats in Temecula Wine Country.

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