Insights into The New Feldenkrais-Inspired Somatic Movement – Kinēsa™, A Conversation with Creator Lavinia Plonka (Episode #55)

About the Podcast Guest:

Body language expert Lavinia Plonka has helped people improve their movement, behavior, relationships, and careers for over 40 years.

Her unique expertise connects the dots among posture/movement, emotions, and the mind. Lavinia’s training and professional career have included theater, dance, yoga, and martial arts.

She has taught The Feldenkrais Method® for 30 years and is also an Assistant Trainer. Lavinia is a level CL4 teacher of the Alba Method and an Emotional Body Instructor. She was an artist in residence for the Guggenheim Museum and a movement consultant for theater and television companies around the world, from the Irish National Folk Theater to Nickelodeon.

From Esalen to the Council on Aging, from Beijing to Mexico, Lavinia’s popular workshops explore the intersection between movement, emotions, and the mind. She is the director of the Asheville Movement Center in Asheville, North Carolina.

Lavinia’s writing includes several books and audio programs.

A faculty member of the Shift Network, Lavinia’s popular workshops explore the intersection between movement, emotions, and the mind.

Lavinia is the creator of Kinēsa™ The New Feldenkrais-Inspired Somatic Movement.

In this Podcast, Lavinia offers insights into Kinēsa™ which she has developed through the synthesis of a variety of movement modalities that include Feldendrai, the work of G.I. Gurdjieff, martial arts, Emotional Body®, yoga, and more.

Lavina believes, that “how you move your body is how you move through life.” The synthesis of movement disciplines offers valuable information that can alter the trajectory of our well-being. This knowledge can be instrumental in helping us holistically align emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Lavinia’s mission is to help humans unlock their full potential and to fully realize embodiment and connection through her  Kinēsa process. Through Kinēsa Lavinia’s intention is to help others liberate themselves from physical and emotional pain for greater mobility, vitality, & freedom.

Lavinia believes, that “your physical body is a sacred vessel that contains a universe of possibilities.”

You can learn more about  Kinēsa through her upcoming free workshop that she is offering through The Shift Network.



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