Savoring a Disholicious Life as a Wine Viticulturist, a Conversation with Kasey Knose on Living her Passion. (Episode #46)

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Kasey Knose lives in Carlsbad, California with her husband Bill, her two sons, Liam and Connell, and their dog Lola. She served in the US Marine Corps for four years as an Air Traffic Controller before being honorably discharged and working in the mortgage industry for 13 years as a Senior Loan Processor and Underwriter. She worked for Wells Fargo Home Mortgage for several years before their loan volume slowed and she was laid off with many of her co-workers. At that time her husband ran a successful business and together they decided that Kasey would stay home to figure out what it was that brought her joy. Kasey knew that she wanted to work in the culinary world, but she just wasn’t sure which direction to go.

So, she started a food and wine blog called Disholicious and through that blog, she met several people in the industry. One of those people was wine sommelier, Meghan Vergara of Veritas Consultants. In working with Meghan, Kasey met other people in the wine industry and she was invited to join The Women’s Wine Alliance of San Diego.

As a member of the Women’s Wine Alliance, Kasey was able to attend the SommCon in San Diego. While attending that conference, Kasey sat in on a Women in Wine event. That’s when Kasey realized that she wanted to work in the wine industry. She went home and talked with her husband about it. She decided to start the Viticulture and Enology program at MiraCosta College to complete an Associate’s Degree and she turned to the Wine and Spirits Trust of London and the Napa Valley Wine Academy to complete her WSET in wine certifications.

Kasey is now six classes away from graduating from MiraCosta College and she is about to start her level three WSET with the Napa Valley Wine Academy. After graduating, Kasey looks forward to starting a new career in wine that brings her more joy.

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Read Kasey's Blog Here: https://disholicioussite.blog/

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