Unleashing Emotional Trauma & Attracting Embodied Healing, A Conversation with Healer Carla SriDevi Cohen (Episode #59)

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About the Podcast Guest:

Carla Sridevi Cohen is an expert in Emotional Intelligence and a Master Healer, a best-selling author, and winner of the Exceptional Global Woman Award in 2020.

Carla is certified in 25+ healing modalities and has synthesized her studies with Shaman and Healers to create a bridge between the metaphysical with science, for amazingly consistent and rapid results with her clients.

Her background includes technical and Shamanic studies of the human body and energy systems. She blends her in-depth studies of the energetic, emotional and physical bodies, to help clients break through stuckness, confusion, anxiety, and pain so they can get clear on their path and increase their income.

She is a Clairsentient who offers group and individual services for healing.

She especially enjoys identifying and releasing trapped emotions and brain profiling for her clients.

In her spare time, she helps Embracing the World, a global humanitarian organization dedicated to alleviating world suffering. She also loves to play her harmonium and sing. Most recently she became the Director of the Global Woman Club Orange County.

Contact or Learn More About Carla:

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