Drumming into Presence: Clementine Moss’s Rhythmic Journey of Embodied Awareness (Epi # 133)

🥁✨ Join us in a rhythmic journey with Clementine Moss, the powerhouse drummer of Zepparella. 🌟 Explore the beats of embodied awareness, blending music and mindfulness. 🎧 Dive into her insightful take on presence and drumming. Full video link below! #OmniMindfulness #EmbodiedRhythms #DrummingIntoAwareness 🎶💖Look below for the link to the full video! 👇💫Clementine's BioClementine Moss is the founder and drummer of Led Zeppelin powerhouse Zepparella, with a busy solo career as a singer and songwriter. A graduate of UC Santa Cruz with a creative writing degree, her writing path gave way to a musical one until she began her blog Bliss and Drumming in 2016. In the essays, tales of her music career provide metaphor for contemplative practice, and many of those pieces are found in various forms in, and were the impetus for, her book: “From Bonham to Buddha and Back: The Slow Enlightenment of the Hard Rock Drummer.” Clementine is a spiritual counselor and a nondenominational Minister at The Foundation for the Sacred Stream. Using the modalities of Depth Hypnosis, Applied Shamanism, Energy Medicine, Sound Healing, and Morphic Awakening techniques, Clem has an active healing practice. She is certified in Contemplative Psychotherapy and Conflict Resolution. A Vipassana meditator for over thirty years, her study and personal practice spans many traditions. She lives in San Francisco with music manager and musician Tim Moss, and Henry the pug. Her writing has appeared in Modern Drummer Magazine, Memoir Magazine, and several other on- line publications. Her Vision for the Future: I believe that the core of our being is one of compassion and caring. As we meet challenges that seem to grow larger and larger, I have a belief that our natural humanity and cooperation will continue to strengthen.Clementine's Social Linksemail: [email protected]/clementinedrum, http://www.instagram.com/clemthegreathttps://www.clementinemoss.com/http://www.zepparella.com/index.htmlhttp://www.zepparella.com/bio.html#:~:text=Drummer%20Clementine%20is%20the%20founding,to%20be%20onstage%20every%20night.Her Book: