Energy Medicine, Breathwork & Wisdom of Mother Nature, A Conversation with Energy Medicine Educator and Breathwork Coach, Amy Stein (Epi #119)

Meet Amy Stein, our first guest for September '23 on Season 7 of the Omni Mindfulness podcast! 🎙️✨Amy is a holistic wellness expert, bringing a wealth of wisdom to our theme of “Energy Awareness: Holistic Awareness.” 🌟Join us as she shares insights on nurturing mind, body, heart, spirit, and intuition in our journey to holistic well-being. Amy's expertise will inspire and guide you on your path to a more balanced and harmonious life. 🌈 Stay tuned for a transformative conversation! #EnergyAwareness #HolisticWellness #PodcastGuest #Season7Finale
BIOAmy’s mission is to educate and empower those who are struggling with their health on how to reconnect to their bodies' innate intelligence using Mother Nature as a guide. She finds that when we awaken to our inner light and wisdom we can sync the mind with the body and spirit. Amy combines the “power of the plants' along with Energy Medicine techniques and Breathwork to allow you to live in harmony in your body and environment as your authentic self.

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