On Alchemy through Ayurveda: A Conversation with Holistic Wellness Educator Lara Seideman (Episode #15)

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Lara is a Holistic Health Educator with certifications as an Ayurveda Lifestyle and Pranic Healing from the Chopra Center and as a Clinical Herbalist.

Her vision is to share with joy, the wisdom of medicinal plants, to bring healing and well-being

She guides her clients utilizing the many tools she has acquired on her journeys, such as meditation, Ayurveda, energy healing, crystals, oracle cards, and plant allies, and the fungi world

When she thinks of wellbeing she believes it is not a mere start to finish goal. The work is never finished. She describes well being as a dance of interacting within ourselves and others; and it is an act of balance, requiring that we learn to listen to ourselves,

Lara believes that Sometimes we need more fire, more water, more earth, or more wind. Lara believes that We are the magicians of our reality and keeping our body mind and spirit healthy is our art.

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