Metamorphosis through the Movement of Self Love, A Conversation with Stephanie Allen (Episode #56)

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About the Podcast Guest:

At 24, Stephanie watched as her life fell apart. Her body was in pain, her mind was burnt out and her heart was broken. With less than $100, and with help from friends, she gathered the courage to move thousands of miles away to start a new life and open her first business.

Over the next two and a half decades Stephanie has become a seasoned Therapist, Instructor, Published Author, Award-winning speaker, life coach, wellness consultant, athlete, and spiritual seeker.

She is also the co-host of the popular Podcast, “The Soulful Leader.”

Movement and Healing are her passion

Stephanie believes, that “movement is medicine and the body holds such deep connection to the buried emotions and dreams that are meant to be realized.”

When she reflects back over her life journey, she has learned that the seemingly painful challenges were opportunities that developed her gifts (that were buried deep in my tissues) and purified the limiting beliefs, habits, doubts, and fears that kept her real potential stuck in “lockdown”.

She helped thousands of clients live an Inspired Life aligned with love, purpose, and contribution. She offers to energize and empower sessions to Improve relationships, recognize strengths and leverage your value to optimize impact, potential, and the results for your life and business.

Stephanie is now an expert in creating “Mental Wellness” for entrepreneurs and professionals, helping them become resilient over stress, burnout, and anxiety by connecting them to source the peace, guidance, and love that resides from within.

For over 30 years she has helped individuals and teams discover their value, strengthen their potential, and lead from the heart.  Her unique style brings passion and guidance to explore the spiritual, emotional, and mental underpinnings to release chronic tension, stress, and pain that keep us from living a meaningful inspired life.

Formally trained as a health and fitness professional, massage therapist, acupuncturist, and yoga instructor, Stephanie energizes and empowers people to make “Shift Happen!”   By helping organizations and individuals get into the flow, she creates a movement to fully empower physical, emotional, and spiritual health to be blessed with an extraordinary life with fulfillment.

Her mission is to evolve leaders by helping them access their inner guidance, gifts, and passion to bring alignment with the life they were born to live. She helps her clients transform the mental/emotional and spiritual underpinnings that block flow.

Stephanie’s mantra is, “ “Together, from the inside out,  we can Make Shift Happen!”

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