On a Holistic Approach to Better Sleep: A Conversation with Author of “The Natural Sleeper”, Julie Wright (Episode #17)

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Julie Wright is an entrepreneur, speaker, sleep ambassador, and author of The Natural Sleeper [Tiller Press / Simon & Schuster] – an introduction to an extensive range of natural, complementary, and alternative solutions, therapies, techniques, practices, and tips to help improve our sleep.

Julie is also the Chief Sleep Orchestrator and founder of WeSleep, a wellbeing provider focused on sleep, providing webinars, workshops, lectures, discussion panels, 1-to-1 consultations, and therapeutic sessions on the topic of sleep deprivation and insomnia to a wide range of organizations and business clients such as tech start-ups, agencies, media and entertainment companies, banks, festivals, conferences, non-profit, education and government organizations and many more. In addition, Julie is an ambassador for World Sleep Day.

In Julie’ s own words

“Having battled with sleep issues for years, I embarked on a journey full of learning, discovery, and therapeutic experiments to resolve them. This gave me the idea to help myself and others with the issue of insomnia and poor sleep quality. Re-energizing sleep-deprived individuals by teaching them how to sleep naturally for optimal physical and mental health. With a good night’s sleep, nothing can stop you, and you could achieve your life’s dreams. I believe sleep is one of the answers to becoming a superhuman.”

Learn more about Julie through her social media links:

For more info on my work, visit  https://linktr.ee/omnimindfulness

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