Underrepresented Modern Women on Multiculturalism & Race, A Conversation with Hosts of Life in our Skin, Anahita Champion & Lisa Harris (Episode #38)

Lisa and Anahita are a dynamic duo. Together they offer authentic stories of underrepresented women in their podcast Life in Our Skin. This powerfully raw podcast offers candid conversations between women who find themselves between white and black communities.

Their podcast mindfully illuminates topics including identity, culture, race, and relationships. By creating mindful awareness on these topics they are serving as champions for creating connections.

Their connection with each other is a magical combination of diversity, rich cultural history, and authentic life experiences that illustrates that all of us have more similarities than differences.

In our podcast conversation with them, we felt we were having a conversation with two old friends reflecting on our personal (and sometimes amusing) stories of being raised within multi-cultures, and navigating our way into adulthood.

A bit more about Lisa Harris:

Diversity and inclusivity are at the core of Lisa’s existence.

As a multi-racial woman, raised by an immigrant mother from the Philippines and a white father with Native American roots, Lisa’s life experience, and perspective are multi-layered. She discovered at an early age that she never quite fit in anywhere, yet she was home everywhere.

From racial diversity to growing up in a predominately white, rural Midwestern town to being a first-generation college graduate to managing over $250M at the height of her corporate career to publishing a book and founding her own business, Lisa seamlessly walks with a foot in many different worlds and believes our stories are what heals and connects us.

Lisa is a mother, wife, sister, and friend whose living her purpose. Personally and professionally, Lisa values authenticity, vulnerability, and connection in her pursuit to build bridges and spread love through the lens of our stories.

Lisa is currently the owner and founder of Lisa Harris & Company, a personal development company that connects guides, and transforms women’s lives through the power of storytelling.

Lisa’s mission is to help women shift narratives and reclaim their personal power through the lens of their own life stories.

A bit more about Anahita Champion:

Born into a deeply rooted and rich historic Persian culture, Anahita has paved a way for herself after her family immigrated to the U.S when she was just two years old. Growing up as a Persian-American has allowed her to further her experiences and diversify connections socially, culturally, and professionally. She takes pride in her cultural background as she values the camaraderie, hospitality, and respectable community she comes from.

From childhood, Anahita has had a passion for being in the entertainment limelight. From a very young age, she has enjoyed spending time with her cousins, and immersing herself in large family gatherings.

Achieving her Master’s of Arts degree in Strategic Communication from the University of Minnesota School of Journalism and Mass Communication, Anahita has found her niche in an area that she is most passionate about and on the path of public relations and marketing.

Observing her father’s and close family members’ entrepreneurial mindset, influenced her own creative, strategic, forward-thinking as well family-centric mentality. She has integrated these core values with several platforms she owns or co-founded, including MomBoss Meet-Up which echos her deep passion for supporting fellow women & mom-entrepreneurs.

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