Emerge into the Laws of Abundance – A Conversation with Angel Latterell (Episode #4)

Angel Is a woman of many hats with one mission – empowerment and transformation of the individual and the things they impact. All of her work is geared at her clients being able to see where they have choices, options, autonomy, and responsibility in their life. She truly believes that Knowing these things is the path to a fulfilled life, and achieve success in any endeavor.

As an attorney, she focuses on small business, estate planning landlord/tenant-related matters. She works with small and micro businesses to set them up with strategic systems, implementing a firm foundation to grow from proactively (instead of just calling a lawyer when there’s trouble).She works with people and families to ensure they are set up in a way that allows for their loved ones to have what they need when they are no longer here.

She is an Instructor of Project Management for the University of Washington and a career focus coach. She is a poet, writer, traveler, and participant in a joyful life. She is also living proof that a multi-dimensional existence is possible, and that time and resources are abundantly available to a person in rhythm with their purpose and mission. And in her words… The revolution of humanity starts with a single individual waking up to their highest potential and living it.

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