The Hermetic Path & Lineage of King Solomon as a Lifestyle to Activate Law of Attraction, A Conversation with Attorney Angel Latterell (Episode #57)

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About the Podcast Guest:

Angel Latterell, has defined herself professionally as an Attorney and Project Manager, having earned a degree in Philosophy, Classical History, and Law.

Angel’s love of language has also led her to become a poet, writer, and playwright. With a zeal for cooking and travel, she’s traveled the world in search of new cuisines, while finding time to cook and write from her own kitchen. Aside from all of this, Angel discovered that she had a keen desire for spiritual learning and growth.

What separates her from most attorneys is that she approaches her professional work as well as personal life from a spiritual perspective. She is a practitioner of the Hermetic Path & trained in the Magick from the 3500-year-old Lineage of King Solomon, which is part of her lifestyle.

Angel is a Certified Life Activation Practitioner, Max Meditation facilitator, crystal healer, empowerment coach, practicing Buddhist, and a mystic reader of the Runes and Tarot.

As an attorney, she has dedicated her life to helping people create the outcomes they desire, as a Healer, she dedicates her time to providing methods for alchemical transformation, and as a Guide, she gives her clients the opportunity to choose freedom by providing light to a path

Angel believes attracting a life of you and purpose is possible.

Her mission is to change the world to be a better place where there is love and abundance for all.

She believes manifesting such a life starts with you choosing a different way for your life.

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