Daring to Imagine with Passion: Discovering Your True Potential with Molly. A Conversation with Executive Coach Molly Conlin Peterson (Episode #108)

Molly Conlin Peterson, MA, PCC, CDTLF Executive Coach/Facilitator Co- founder/Partner The Daring Venture and Founder of Imagine Coaching Molly loves working with executives, professionals, and leaders who might be experiencing success on the outside but feels like something is missing on the inside. She helps them realize their true potential and find more meaning at work. By discovering their natural gifts and dreaming bigger, stepping into courage they achieve new levels of engagement, and excellence, and feel life-changing freedom and aliveness. She combines 25 years of experience as an executive/career coach, with thoughtfully designed programs that forward the action and address the internal fears and beliefs that get in the way. Molly is a PCC level ICF Certified coach, she holds a Master's degree in Human Development and is a Certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitator. Her mission is to help clients realize their true potential and live and work with Purpose+ Courage+ Heart.

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