Mastering Passion: Junaid’s Humblezone Home Studio Odyssey, A Conversation with User Experience Creator & Founder of Home Studio Mastery, Junaid Ahmed (Episode #107)

All he could see were the yellow walls behind him the day he stepped into his basement office to shoot his first video course. Junaid Ahmed was planning to launch a course to teach content creators how to use smartphones for video production. But that day, as the record button on his phone began to blink for what seemed like minutes, he froze, realizing that he was completely unprepared. He didn’t have the right tools, his setting was unimpressive, and every solution he could think of seemed complicated and temporary. The excitement he had felt about creating his course instantly dwindled. Junaid knew something had to change. So, he stepped back and began to pay attention to other content creators who were producing video content effortlessly and flawlessly, and he realized that he had all the knowledge and equipment to do the same thing. He studied the pros, invested in the tools, and became serious about his craft. Today, Junaid is the Founder of Humblezone and Creator of Home Studio Mastery, designed to teach you how to build your home studio. He has two decades of video production experience, as well as designing websites & apps focused on a systematic process and seamless user experience. He provides podcasters, speakers, and content creators a comprehensive plan for their studio equipment, lighting, and layout. He also enables video creators to create effortless content in a comfortable and impressive home studio setting. He’s the author of Mastering iPhone Video Production, and Host of Hacks & Hobbies podcast. He also speaks frequently at national events such as Podfest and multiple virtual summits. Follow Junaid: http://Instagram/superjunaid Junaid is Promoting: His book Mastering iPhone Video Production

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