Movement for Life, A Discussion with Foundation Fitness Trainer & Motivator, Coach Tisha (Episode #54)

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About the Podcast Guest:

Tish has been a fitness industry professional since 1992.

She is a Certified Personal Trainer, a Foundation Training Level 1 Instructor, and is certified in TRX, Kettlebell, Gravity Training, and Cycling.

Like many movement professionals, Tisha has learned to listen to her body.

“I spent my 20’s and 30’s “killing it” as an instructor

and triathlete and then my body started sending me


The balance was gone! She realized she had overtrained

and ignored so many other aspects of her wellness.

This is when she decided to take a huge step back and create a

more complete wellness approach that would take her well into her 80’s.

She is now on a mission to help others truly tune into their body, and help facilitate others on their physical transformation from pain to performance.

Tish believes that “even the most extreme athletes understand the importance of “balance” and how we can still achieve our goals while taking time to focus on the importance of a balanced life and healthy body.”

One of Tisha’s area specializations includes Foundation Training which is a simple solution to change the way you move and correct imbalances caused by modern habits.

This methodology was designed by researching the movement habits of top athletes and first responders. This form of training provides building blocks for lifelong fitness, either as a stand-alone program for pain relief or a jumping-off point for more advanced exercise.


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