Is Heart-Centered Mindfulness a path to Awakening Superconsciousness? A Conversation with Sally Page (Episode #65)

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About the Podcast Guest:

Sally Page – Speaker, Medical Intuitive, Life Coach, and International Best Selling Author.

Once a NASA engineer on the NASA SETI project, Sally spent years searching for communication signals from intelligent life in space.

Sally blends the best of science, technology, and intuitive wisdom.

Sally is now known for healing the distortions between body, heart, and soul.

Surviving two near-death experiences inspired her to research ways to recover far beyond the expectations of western medicine.

Since 2003, Sally has helped over THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND (not hundred) … 35,000 people heal through techniques that are gentle, graceful, and profoundly restorative.

To learn more about Sally:

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