Humanity’s Cry For Change: Exploring Conscious Connections, A Conversation with Kate Heartsong (Epi #129)

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🎙️ Up next on the Omni Mindfulness Podcast: Join us for a deep dive into conscious connections with the incredible Kate Heartsong, author of “Humanity's Cry for Change.” 📚✨Kate is not just an author but a speaker, coach, and Reiki Master/Teacher. Her profound wisdom, gained through meditation and life experiences, empowers others to find peace within and contribute to global harmony. 🌍💙Explore the transformative power of one person's journey and how it can create ripples of positive change. Tune in for a mindful discussion on conscious connections and humanity's call for change. 🧘‍♀️🌟#ConsciousConnections #MindsetShift #OmniMindfulness #PodcastRelease #KateHeartsong #HumanitysCryForChange
Kate's Bio
Kate Heartsong is an author, speaker, coach, teacher and Reiki Master/Teacher. The deep wisdom Kate shares comes from her unique gift of receiving profound wisdom while meditating, as well as insights gained from overcoming her childhood trauma, life experiences and education. These provide Kate’s deep passion, empowerment and compassion she offers her readers, clients and audiences. Her clients and audiences comment on how safe they feel with her, benefit from her calming energy and are able to reach their goals by working with her. It’s Kate’s knowing that when we start with one person at a time, a ripple effect occurs supporting peace on a global level, because we’re all interconnected. Kate's own inspirational quote says it best: “Peace within, peace on earth.”Kate's Social Links:https://www.facebook.com/kateheartsongjoyfulradiance/https://twitter.com/KateHeartsonghttps://www.linkedin.com/in/katesanksheartsong/https://www.instagram.com/kate_heartsong_confidencecoach/Kate is promoting:Her Book Humanity's Cry For Change (including being on audio in April 2023) , and to offer a complimentary coach session.

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