Dare to Dream Big, A Conversation with Kindhearted Badass Founders, Jenine Kenna & Heather Compton (Episode #42)

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In today's conversation, as part of our season of Intentional living, we dive into 2nd acts with founders of Kindhearted Badass Jenine Kenna and Heather Compton.

Jenine and Heather were instantly drawn to each other and developed an amazing relationship that can be felt throughout their collaborations. They absolutely adore each other and complement each other beautifully in this chapter of their lives.

In fact, here’s What Heather has to say about Jenine…

Jenine is A true Kindhearted Badass. She is a champion of women, especially mothers. A consummate cheerleader, she’s driven to show the rest of us our potential, and encourage us to fight for our own personal “more”. She’s a rebel with a cause, and I feel so lucky to get to do life alongside her. Jenine is the best friend you’ve always wanted, and now (through the Kindhearted Badass Crew) get to have.

And here’s what Jenine has to say about Heather… Ever meet someone who will always call you out on your sh!t, but do it in a way that empowers you instead of making you feel bad about yourself?  That's Heather.  She’s the original Kindhearted Badass and her passion for lifting people up and encouraging others to believe in themselves, is unmatched.  Heather is the woman you've always wanted to be on a team with, and now (through the Kindhearted Badass Crew) you get to be.

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To find out more about the Kindhearted Badass, check out the links in the description:

KHB Free Community: https://www.facebook.com/groups/khbcommunity

KHB Insta: https://www.instagram.com/kindhearted_badass/

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