Radically Reimagining the World as a Passionate Change-maker. A Conversation with Activist & Founder of Public Love Enterprises, Laura Hartley (Episode #111)

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Laura Hartley is an activist, coach, and founder of Public Love Enterprises, an online school empowering changemakers to radically reimagine the world, creating the conditions for social healing and collective thriving. Laura is fascinated by the space between inner and outer change, and her work empowers changemakers to get free, dismantling capitalism and oppressive systems from the inside out. She runs programs in healing burnout culture, regenerative leadership & finding your purpose in a changing world. Laura's Social Links:Upcoming Course: https://www.laurahartley.com/cultural-wayfinding-course/https://www.instagram.com/laura.h.hartley/ https://www.instagram.com/laura.h.hartley/ https://facebook.com/laurahartley-publicloveLinks to all of my recent podcasts can be found in my IG story highlights here: https://www.instagram.com/stories/highlighPromoting:1-1 coaching and a course, Cultural Wayfinding

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