On Aligning, Releasing, and Healing through the Harmony of Sound, A Conversation with Gyöngyi Ridenour (Episode #25)

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In this episode, on the theme of TUNING IN AND HEALING …

We have a conversation with Gyöngyi (pronounced “John-gee”) founder of GyöHarmony Sound and Healing Arts…

Gyöngyi (pronounced “John-gee”) Ridenour was Born in

Transylvania, Romania. She grew up as a competitive athlete in cross-country skiing and Biathlon, competed for over 10 years on the National Biathlon level, winning national champion titles for many consecutive years. After graduating from high school, her life path changed when she decided to learn to downhill ski and snowboard, completing certifications to become a ski/snowboard instructor. She taught in Romania, Austria, and California for many winter seasons. She is a certified PSIA II level Ski and X- country instructor. In 2021-2022 season she will be teaching X- country skiing at Tahoe Donner Cross Country Center.

While living in Austria, she was introduced to the sacred sound of

Tibetan Singing Bowls. She felt an instant change in her life after a few sessions – her confidence surged, and she was feeling much happier, grounded, and balanced. Gyöngyi was very inspired by the energy work she experienced and wanted to serve others via this healing method, so she studied and was certified in sound healing. She continued her education, attending and organizing level 1,2 Sound Healing Workshops in Lake Tahoe & LA Quinta with school in India. http://www.iash.in

GyöHarmony Sound and Healing Arts offers a personalized and holistic approach to helping you reach your goals through

improving your emotional and spiritual well-being. GyöHarmony offers Sound Healing, Yoga, Reiki, Spiritual Life Coaching, Ionic foot bath detox, Essential oil education, AromaTouch massage with essential oils. Whether in their beautiful studio or at a private event, they offer customized sound healings for every age and group sizes. Founder/Owner Gyöngyi Ridenour is also certified to offer Level 1-2 Sound Healing training at the GyöHarmony studio in Truckee. Healing with Sound goes beyond the physical body, allows the body, mind, and spirit to align, release and heal any part of ourselves, to create the life you dreamed of in your reality.

To learn more about Gyöngyi see her social media links below:

Facebook link: https://m.facebook.com/gyoharmony/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gyoharmony/?hl=en

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedi

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