On the Art of Yoga Nidra for Healing, A Conversation with Nikki Dean (Episode #24)

Nikki is a wellness expert and self-care specialist who is passionate about helping others change thoughts and habits that keep them stuck in order for them to live in the graceful flow of life. And today, we are getting a special treat. This is a slightly longer episode because Nikki will be guiding us through a beautiful meditation.

She has been teaching yoga, meditation, and mindfulness internationally since 2003, with students ranging from cancer patients to professional athletes.

She's also a certified Yoga Nidra teacher, a Master Mindset Coach and Motivational Speaker, a Cancer Exercise Specialist, and holds a degree in Communications from Cornell University.

Originally from New York, Nikki has traveled the world, living in San Francisco, Israel, Spain, and New Zealand, but found that Lake Tahoe, CA is her true home.

So find yourself a comfortable, quiet space in which you can be in stillness and calm and treat yourself to a beautiful meditation.

You can find Nikki on:

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