Educating Kids on Mindfulness & Money, A Conversation between co-host Omni and his 3rd grade teacher Mrs. Krupsaw (Episode #49)

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Erin Krupsaw is a native of San Carlos, California, located on the Peninsula of the San Francisco Bay Area. Mrs. Krupsaw graduated from Chico State University with a degree in Liberal Studies. Directly following graduation, Erin entered a dual certificate program earning her Multiple Subject Teaching Credential with an emphasis in English Language Arts and a Masters in Education from National University in San Jose, Ca. After completing her student teaching and her graduate studies, Erin married her college sweetheart, Seth Krupsaw, and moved to San Diego County. She began to substitute teach in several districts around the county for several months. Mrs. Krupsaw was hired in the San Marcos Unified School District in 2021. She has taught grades kindergarten through third grade at La Costa Meadows Elementary School in Carlsbad where she has worked for the past twenty years. In addition, Mrs. Krupsaw has been a part of countless committees as a leader and representative for both the San Marcos School District and La Costa Meadows Elementary School.

Erin and Seth Krupsaw are raising three wonderful children, Grace (16), Claire (15), & Drew (13). Her hobbies include reading, traveling, watching movies, hiking, and spending time with family and friends. Mrs. Krupsaw continues to enjoy teaching and is a lifelong learner.

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