Manifesting with an Epic Mindset, A Conversation with Leeanne Brennan, Founder of Epic Bones (Episode #72)

Leeanne Brennan is an Artist and Mindset & Accountability Coach for Creatives living in North Carolina with her husband and 2 small children. She makes sensitive, whimsical art to help unblock limiting beliefs and manifest a life we love. In addition to art, Leeanne runs programs to help people start their personal creative work, follow through and finish their personal projects.

Epic Bones Affirmation Deck

Waitlist for my money mindset deck (coming in Fall 2023)

100 Epic Days (starts in February 2023)


Here's my other business where I teach what I do for my day job:

Leeann's podcast: Storytelling for Innovation: Motion Design for Human-Centered Design

Leeann's  accelerator program that  she is currently turning into a digital course (will be done soon! end of November 2022)

Leeann's  digital course presale beta-test enrollment 50%OFF If you or anyone you know are interested

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