What is wrong with you?

Oh, those words stung like a bee!

It’s the statement I received in response to my resistance…

Resistance towards what felt dysfunctional. A broken system. Plagued with so much … okay, I’ll say it. BULL SHIT.

I had been stung before.

And after years of waking up to my version of groundhogs day, I had enough.

I was done with being held back.

My work needed to be bigger than serving the corporate demigods.

I wanted to serve humanity. 

I wanted to create.

And most of all I wanted to be present.

Present for myself.

Present for my family.

Especially my son.

To fully show up.

With more calmness. 

More peace.

And PLAYFUL joy.

So I paused…

In that space, I grew.


And I then learned listened to my heart.

And ask the HARD QUESTIONS. 

What is my WHY?

And that is why I chose to become a mompreneur.

What is your WHY?

Have you asked yourself why you choose to do, what you do? 

Have you paused to listen to your heart?

Have you given space between moments of your life to reflect on what gives your life purpose and fulfillment?

Becoming a mompreneur required facing my fears. 

The reality is that there is no PERFECT timing to make a scary choice to leave corporate.

But “safety net” is an illusion.

There are many unknowns. 

But here is the thing. Every single day, I wake up with such enthusiasm. 

The work energizes me. 

And I love that I get to spend more time with my son, and have a more fruitful relationship with my family.

Pursuing your WHY… sometimes requires a LEAP OF FAITH.