22 Affirmations to Intentionally Practice Eco-Conscious Living

In kicking off 2022, and in the spirit of living intentionally, I’ve been exploring the concept of creating an eco-conscious lifestyle.

The guests from this month’s podcasts truly personify this concept.

One of the many insights from all of these guests is that every day is an opportunity to mindfully practice an eco-conscious lifestyle.

The challenge however can be when you expect to see immediate results. This is where the practice of patience and a positive mindset comes into play. 

The pandemic has certainly been a compelling factor in understanding how each of us has an environmental impact, especially with our role in waste. In the last two years, we’ve seen excessive amounts of “Covid-era” wastes that include disposable masks.

It’s easy to accept this new way of life as the “norm”.

There is a danger in that complacency. Even with the best of intentions to stick to eco-conscious goals, we all get overwhelmed or sadly complacent. This is where affirmations come in handy.

In the spirit of the season of Intentional Living, here are 22 affirmations for 2022, to help you stay on course with living an eco-conscious life. 

22 Affirmations Eco-Conscious Living

  1. I mindfully acknowledge my role in the sustainability of natural resources.  
  2. Daily I take small actions to protect nature.
  3. I am mindfully aware of the gifts of nature all around me, and take time to protect these gifts. 
  4. I pause to be present at the moment in nature, with gratitude.
  5. I thoughtfully engage with my natural surrounding and leave things as nature intended. 
  6. I mindfully consume only that which I need.
  7. I am aware of the impact I can make for helping our environment. 
  8. The smallest of actions I take can contribute to the well-being of our natural environment.
  9. I take time to pause to consider how I can mindfully dispose of recyclable items.
  10. I live an eco-conscious life now, so my child and the human race has a healthy planet for the long-haul.
  11. I play a proactive role in the longevity of nature.
  12.  I proactively educate myself in how to conserve the earth’s natural resources. 
  13.  I wear and consume products from ethical and sustainable brands that are ethically resourced.
  14.  I actively pay attention to the environmental and social manufacturing conditions of various brands.
  15.  I lead by example on how each of can and should consume reusable products.
  16. I make environmentally responsible choices including recycling. 
  17.  I consider it my responsibility to maintain an environment that is ecologically friendly. 
  18. I create awareness in my community on the benefits of eco-conscious living. 
  19. I take micro-steps in minimizing waste, maximizing recycling, and reducing consumption with the intention to save our planet, animals, and people. 
  20. I consciously consume a plant-based diet with awareness of how that helps reduce climate change.
  21.  I am a conscious & curious resident of the earth with the mission to actively nurture our world.
  22. I intend to slowly introduce solar-powered energy solutions in an effort to preserve natural resources.