Eco-conscious Lifestyle Through Sustainable Jewelry Design, A Conversation with Alessandra Thornton (Episode #34)

Alessandra is the owner and founder of Allie Tagua Jewelry, a Sustainable Jewelry Business.

Her jewelry much like her personality echos her uniqueness, passion, and authenticity.

Allie creates bold, colorful eco jewels, that give back to the environment. Materials used to create the jewelry are repurposed natural elements that include Tagua Nut, Acacia Berry, Pambil Seeds, and Orange Peel to name a few.

Her professional journey started in Ecuador. She was once a journalist by profession, an archeologist by degree, and an ecologist by heart.

When she turned 33 she bravely moved to the United States to start a new chapter of her life as a jewelry artist and designer of eco-jewelry, giving back to her community and supporting rainforest conservation.

As a designer of organic jewelry has found a way to fuse her passion for jewelry making with her desire to repurpose natural resources while creating employment for indigenous locals.

One of her visits along with the coastal towns in Ecuador coincided with when the rivers were heavily flooded after a strong El Nino Season.

In that visit, she had her ‘Aha!’ moment, which is when she decided to dedicate her life to the making and promotion of rainforest Tagua Nuts specifically along the coast of Manabi, Ecuador. The rains were forcing the loss of the precious Tagua Nuts of the palm trees. At that specific moment, she discovered her mission. She decided to help provide locals in the rural areas during the rainy season, with another way to generate income. So she travels to that area to train locals to create the jewels, so they have employment. She believes her customers feel empowered with her statement jewels, knowing that 10% of her sales also give back to education to orphan girls in Ecuador.

Allesandra has intentionally designed her business and personal life to live an eco-conscious life.

Her travels to gather materials for her jewelry have taken her into deep spots in the Amazon forest. She has educated herself about the threats to preserved areas from the oil industry and triggering climate change.

What awakens her heart is to mindfully listen to the sounds of the rainforest in the early evening. Her fondest memories of her travels include listening to the orchestra of frogs, insects, wild cats through the night, and awakening in the morning to the sounds of monkeys which sound like boisterous wind or a little hurricane echoing deep from the rainforest.

“Organic Jewelry by Allie” is a labor of love to create awareness about eco-friendly tagua nut jewels.

“I believe in the end, the value of the person is not in how many stocks has in the market or in the number of zeros in the bank account but in the many lives that person touched in a positive way.”

To her customers, Allie always says “It's about finding happiness in little things like accessorizing your outfit. I want you to smile any time you wear my jewels, if my jewelry has the power to make you smile, feel confident, and happy to be helping to create a better world for others then I have accomplished my mission in life.”

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