Simple Changes for Significant Environmental Impact, A Conversation with Tisha Gehringer (Episode #33)

Tisha is the epitome of someone who intentionally lives to make positive changes for our earth, and those around her.

A resident of Carlsbad California, Tisha currently works for the Carlsbad Village Association and has spent the majority of her career in the Fitness Industry. On her own time, she spearheads grassroots efforts to make a positive impact on our environment. Her mission is to help people see the most simple things they can do to make changes.

Tisha was originally in school for law and changed course after working in fitness during school and seeing the effect she could have in this part of people’s lives. Over the years as she coached other women, she noticed women who struggled to try to make changes in their life, and her
empathy grew stronger.

This experience for her translated into her learning that the smallest things all start to add up. And she understood that it takes time and patience and effort to make meaningful changes; so you just have to be in it for the long haul.

It is from this experience became the catalyst for her passion for making impactful changes on how we treat our environment, our animals, and other human beings in general.

Tisha believes in micro-changes for big impact.

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