Endeavors of Spirtual Entrepreneurs

Stories of Spiritual Entrepreneurs and their Strategies

You might be curious about the term Spiritual Entrepreneur.

My Coaching Business, Omni Mindfulness is in the Wellness Space.

The energy that I use to create it is spiritual in nature. 

I, therefore, consider myself not just an entrepreneur but a “Spiritual Entrepreneur” and my core values are driven by the desire to SERVE.

However, that same energy can be placed to build other kinds of businesses that aren’t in the wellness space.

Each of us brings a certain “service energy” if you will, into our personal and professional life. This energy is a reflection of our alignment with our core values, and is fueled by our “why”.

My ‘why’ is my son, my family, and my insatiable desire to uplift others.

My ‘why’ is a reflection of my alignment with my core spiritual values. 

From morning to evening, my day is designed to support those values, which is then reflected in how I show up for my business and clients.

The attitude of Service First

My Guru Paramahansa Yogananda would be known to say,

“Instead of making money and greater profits your goal in business, make service your goal.” He would also express, “Business is nothing but serving others materially in the best possible way.” 

Parmahansa Yogananda

Navigating the entrepreneurial path, while still making a legitimate financial profit can feel tricky. 

I’ve realized that it is my passion for what I do that keeps me moving forward. Yes, let’s be sensible, I do need to make a reasonable profit to help my family financially. 

That is why I am kicking off 2023 with an exploration of the topic of how to spiritualize business. 

And that is why the guests of my Omni Mindfulness Podcast were purposely chosen, as they maintain a service-first attitude while offering practical ways to thrive as a business owner.

These individuals are living everyday 21st-century experiences and functioning in a pragmatic way to thrive professionally. 

Mari Smith: Insights on Human Design Informed Entrepreneurship


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Often referred to as “the Queen of Facebook,” Mari Smith is widely known as the Premier Facebook Marketing Expert and a Social Media Thought Leader.

Forbes describes Mari as, “… the preeminent Facebook expert. Even Facebook asks for her help.” Facebook hired Mari to teach businesses throughout the U.S. and to help create the company’s Blueprint certification programs. IBM named Mari as one of seven women who are shaping digital marketing. Mari is an in-demand keynote speaker, dynamic live webcast host, corporate social media strategist, and popular brand ambassador. She is co-author of Facebook Marketing: An Hour A Day, and author of The New Relationship Marketing.

Mari also has a passion for personal and professional development and helping raise consciousness on the planet; she is a founding member of Southern California ATL (Association of Transformational Leaders) and a member of TLC (Transformational Leadership Council). Mari recently launched the Mari Smith Super Stars program, which is where she has started to integrate Human Design.

In this episode, Mari Smith discusses how she is integrating Human Design Systems into the world of marketing. 

Mari shares how you can integrate the concepts of Human Design not only into your marketing or business but also into your life. She shares her enlightened perspective on how one can approach their professional and personal life differently and in alignment with who you were born to be. Human Design is a phenomenal synthesis of astrology, the ancient Chinese book of iChing, eastern and western Astrology, the Chakras, the Kabala, Quantum Physics, Biology, and Genetics. Mari is a qualified instructor of Human Design Systems.

Mari’s Social Links:

Learn more about Mari Smith’s Human Design Program Here: www.MariSmithSuperstars.com

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Courtney Zalucky: Insights on her P.I.V.O.T for Personal Transformation


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Courtney has seventeen years of experience as an elementary school teacher and served as a literacy coach for two years for a large school district. In 2017, Courtney started her own online health and wellness coaching through Beachbody. Through her own personal journey and spiritual growth, she is the creator of the P.I.V.O.T Process, a transformational healing blueprint, which she is now teaching through online courses, one-on-one, and group healing work. 

Courtney is an International Best Selling Contributing Author. She is a motivational speaker and host of her own weekly Facebook show, Sunday Sitdown.

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Jayson Davies: Insights on Niching Down in the Noble Space of Occupational Therapy


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Jayson Davies, MA, OTR/L Jayson has been a School-Based Occupational therapist for over ten years in Southern California. He is also the creator of OTSchoolhouse.com, a website and podcast to support occupational therapists transitioning to, or currently working in, the school system. 

In addition to supporting current occupational therapists, Jayson advises occupational therapy students at the university level. Jayson views education as an essential occupation for all individuals and strives to help learners of all ages make meaningful progress toward their lifelong goals. Jayson is the owner of Schoolhouse Education, LLC and OTSchoolhouse.com #OTSchoolhouse #ocupationaltherapy #SpiritualEntrepreneurship

Watch the Full Episode on YouTube: https://youtu.be/ucNdqb5bqXA

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Gail Nott: Insights on Reconnecting to her Spirituality as a Homestead Mompreneur 


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Gail Nott has over 23 years of experience in managing and growing businesses. She owned a wellness center, grew it to employ over 40 practitioners, and later founded a successful social media consulting business. Since dedicating herself to coaching and mentoring, she partnered with her husband Cory to help hundreds of purpose-driven solo service providers build the businesses of their dreams. Gail manages her business part-time while homeschooling her daughter, rather than having a business that manages her. One year, they even ran the business out of an RV. Gail’s proven that a “lifestyle business” is more than a fantasy.

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Priyank Patel: Insights on Entrepreneurship through the lens of a Yogananda Disciple


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Priyank is a spiritual aspirant, devoting his life purpose to his guru of Paramahansa Yogananda. He is from London and works as a Chartered Engineer. 

His Yogananda Podcast connects seekers from around the world in an engaging, relatable, and conversational style focussing on the spiritual classic: The Autobiography of a Yogi.

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Full Video of 3-part Spirituality Series with Guest Priyank Patel

Strategies to Spiritualize Your Business 

Based on my interviews with my podcast guests this month, my conversations with fellow entrepreneurs, and based on my own experience in creating a spiritualized business, here are strategies that have inspired me.

(1) Know Your ‘WHY’

It wasn’t until the untimely passing of my mom that I started to really ask “why am I doing this”. Why am I commuting 2 hours a day, and willing to lose time with family and my son?

And it wasn’t until I was willing to challenge the “status quo” in all areas of my life. I had to especially challenge myself to get aligned on my core values. After years in corporate, I realized that while others around me were comfortable being pigeonholed, I was willing to step outside of the box.

At this point in my, I found myself going through a personal transformation, and this driving force became the catalyst for creating my coaching service, Omni Mindfulness.

(2) Know Your Purpose & Your Niche

When I created Omni Mindfulness, at first there was just a seed of thought. I thought perhaps with my yoga training, maybe I could create a business in the wellness space, or maybe I work with others to uplift them through some type of coaching, perhaps with kids.

I had to trust that the path to clarity for my purpose would be revealed in divine timing.

While things were still unfolding for me, what I knew in my heart was that the purpose of my work was to serve.

What I realized was that my years of education and experience in technology, working in the business with major IT corporations, combined with working with women gave me a first-hand understanding of a very specific niche.

I discovered that my niche is to serve professional working women and mompreneurs.

(3) Tune Into Your Energy & The Energy Around You

In 2019 I signed up to become a Mindset & Meditation Coach. I became voracious in learning and growing, with an abundance of energy that kept me going.

Energy is everything.

When you do something that gives you joy and makes you feel that joyful spark, it is then you’ve aligned with your authentic self. This is where you then experience flow.

When we start cultivating greater awareness of the energy that fuels us, we learn that when we serve others we are really serving our own light.

I think of this as the practice of tuning into your ‘Service Energy’.

However, it wasn’t enough to be aware of my own energy. So I needed to learn to expand.

I had to learn to create greater awareness of the energy around me, through greater attunement with others. This awareness helps you recognize souls that are vibrating at your level.

Tuning into the energy of others comes from being open to creating your own tribe. In practical terms, it is important as an entrepreneur to create a community to support your niche