The Art of Mindful Decluttering 

A Path is Revealed

Pam had a secret gift, that even she wasn’t aware of until she was forced to do some soul searching.

During her morning walks with a close friend, she would reflect on her uncertainty regarding employment and wondered what would be the next chapter of her professional life, as she had just lost her job.

Pam’s journey on becoming a professional organizer began when this insightful friend revealed that she saw something special in Pam. This friend recognized Pam’s gift for taking chaos or clutter and creating mindful organization. 

Seemingly out of the blue this friend expressed, “I think you should organize for people!” 

Pam’s first thought was that of surprise, “What? Do people get paid to do that???” 

Pam however took the insightful words of her friend to heart. 

Upon reflection, Pam recognized that she had always been a problem solver. 

She had the natural ability to bring clarity and calmness to most situations through her daily mindfulness approach to life. In fact, Pam had labeled her joy in tidying her own as per personal quirk. 

This quirk was in reality, the “art of mindful decluttering”, and it would become her new professional path.

So, Pam became intentional in how she would apply her already established mindfulness practice, and her love of organization to create her signature business. 

She founded her company in 2005, naming her business, “Mindful Decluttering & Organizing”.  She is now a professional home organizer and decluttering guide, grounded in mindfulness. 

Pam incorporates mindfulness with various aspects of her work including studying the art of decluttering, organizing, maintaining healthy habits, cultivating happiness, and understanding how the brain works.

When working with individual clients she invites them to join her in a guided meditation, to help them get in touch with their goals and vision for their space.  She also regularly incorporate mindfulness practices into her monthly membership training and events. In her approach to working with clients, she loves to lift people up while inspiring them through compassionate guidance so that they may discover how to tap into wisdom and power to release things that no longer serve them. 

Pam compassionately understands that mental clutter can keep us from having clarity on how to organize physical clutter. Decluttering of physical space can trigger mental and emotional overwhelm. When she works with clients she acknowledges that objects in a home can be tied to a strong sense of identity or memories. She patiently allows the clients to pause to survey their space, without judgment.

Pam believes that decluttering and creating order is sacred work. She believes that attachment to your “things” can keep you from reaching your full potential. She believes that by “releasing things that no longer serve you, you create space for new opportunities to flow effortlessly into your life.”

In addition to mindfulness, Pam’s program embraces living an eco-conscious lifestyle, through her minimalism design approach. She believes in intentionally consuming less and resisting the societal and marketing messages to “buy, buy, buy.”

Segment Intending: Pam’s Silver Bullet

In her approach to helping clients, she suggests the Esther Hicks technique, “Segment Intending”.

In essence, she encourages a lifestyle that incorporates intentional pauses between segments of activity throughout the day. Breaking the process of how we perform daily activities, into segments that include moments of intentional mindful awareness, is powerful.

Pam’s Podcast Conversation on Omnipresent Awareness

To listen to more about Pam’s journey, and mindful decluttering suggestions listen to her podcast here.

Pam’s Book Recommendations to Reduce Schedule Overwhelm

Two books that have had a profound influence on Pam’s ability to consciously remove things from her schedule are Essentialism by Greg McKeown, and “Subtract: The Untapped Science of Less” by Leidy Klotz.