22 Affirmations to Attract your 2nd Act 

Attracting your 2nd Act is more about becoming your True Self, and less about the vocational label, such as becoming a baker, teacher, or meditation coach. While you may have a pretty good idea of what you’d like to practice in the role of your 2nd Act, it’s important that the real you is authentically aligned with the role you will play in your 2nd Act.

The skills you need to perform your entrepreneurial work are things you likely already possess, or things that can be learned. However, without authentic confidence, you may lack the swagger to shine. 

3 Ways to Make Your Affirmations Effective

  1. Be clear on your intentions. Your intentions need to align with your heart center. Remember everything is energy. Put the energy of your intentions behind the words of the affirmations. 
  2. Visualize the limitless potential of what you can manifest. 
  3. Repeat affirmations with your dynamic willpower mindset, knowing that you can WILL your 2nd Act into manifestation. Choose to do your affirmations when your mind is quiet, perhaps after a short meditation or breathwork to calm the mind. Each time you utter the affirmations, genuinely feel with conviction the intentions behind the words of that affirmation; and be sure that in your heart and soul that you are embodied. Repeat the affirmation out loud, then softer, then to a whisper, and finally silently. Repeat the affirmation not just once, but several times, until the vibrations of the words deeply penetrate into your heart.
    • As you visualize yourself in the role of your 2nd Act consider the below affirmations.

“Words saturated with sincerity, conviction, faith, and intuition are like highly explosive vibration bombs, which, when set off, shatter the rocks of difficulties and create the change desired.

Parmahansa Yogananda

Affirmations to Attract your 2nd Act. 

When your thoughts, beliefs, words, and actions are in alignment believe that you will confidently attract your ideal 2nd Act. 

  1. I am truly connected to the real me.
  2. I feel confident showing up as my True Self.
  3. I am embodied in the role I play from the inside out.
  4. I am aligned with my intentions, words, and actions. 
  5. I authentically embody the essence of my archetypes.
  6. I act with humility and behave with kindness. 
  7. I am unique energy that flows to me and through me.
  8. I am a creator. 
  9. I witness my unique essence channeled into actions.
  10. I witness my actions manifest into unique creations in the physical world.
  11. I am guided by wisdom with a service-first philosophy. 
  12. I find joy in serving others through my offerings.
  13. I willingly share my knowledge and experience.
  14. I am enthusiastic about the potential ahead.
  15. I hold a beginner’s mindset.
  16. I remain curious.
  17. I maintain an open-minded attitude. 
  18. I create value outside of myself.
  19. I perform all actions with equanimity.
  20.  I intend to take the right action.
  21. I am passionate about my 2nd Act.
  22. I channel my unique energy to manifest my 2nd Act.