3 Books to Supercharge your Soul for Transformations

Transformations often require tremendous discipline, and the results can at times be subtle. However, through a dynamic combination of tools and techniques, personal growth shifts are possible. Here I share books that offer an integrated set of healing modalities to improve your life.

Sura Flow: 3 Steps to Effortless Meditation & Unexpected Miracles

What does it mean to cultivate flow through meditation?

In Sura Flow, you learn to cultivate the healing art of flow through meditation.

This beautifully written book shares the story of Sura, a remarkably divine soul with an amazing story, and her gift to the world to help us realize that this feeling of flow is accessible to all of us. In her book, she seamlessly shares stories of synchronicities and offers her 3 simple steps to ease into a sustainable meditation practice. With a deeply intuitive grasp of the universal life force energy and the value of embracing the divine feminine, her approach is highly transformative.

I experienced this transformation first-hand after graduating from her meditation coaching program, Liberate Training. For years, I had struggled with sitting in meditation even with a wealth of knowledge of traditional meditation techniques. However, through Sura Flow, I refined my meditation practice, and slowly tapped into a state of “stillness” that had remained elusive most of my life.

If you are searching for that ONE book to help you feel the healing energy of stillness, then look no further. This book offers effective techniques to make the practice of meditation effortless.

Be Your Own Guru

What if you could intuitively guide your life to create a holistically integrated life?

In Be Your Own Guru, you learn how to effectively utilize personal development tools and techniques to essentially guide yourself towards holistic wellbeing. Written by the fascinating Dr. Dargis, who is a powerhouse of amazing life-experiences including working as a world-humanitarian and as a prolific poet, this book will leave you with impactful life shifts.

Through the lens of self-inquiry, you intuitively learn to adopt healing modalities appropriate to your specific needs. Grounded in evidence-based science, psychology, and spirituality the author reveals how mindfulness and meditation practices can shift our attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors. The book itself functions well as a workbook, with actionable strategies. Each of these strategies reveals that you can coach yourself on a daily basis. I highly recommend this book to anyone seeking to proactively create an integrated life in body, mind, and spirit.

Mindset: Changing the way you think to fulfill your potential

What if your thoughts could change your life?

In Mindset: Changing the way you think to fulfill your potential the author reveals that personal success is strongly influenced by a growth mindset. While our abilities and talent may play a role in how well we perform in life, the key is to recognize through honest self-contemplation our mindsets and learn to master the ability to create a growth mindset.

This inspiration book encourages you to take a journey towards on-going improvement by developing a growth mindset. Through narrative examples shared in this book, you learn that we each have a blend of fixed mindset and growth mindset.

If you are seeking to coach yourself towards developing the ability to view life situations or issues from the lens of a growth mindset, and expanding from a fixed to a growth mindset, then this book is the catalyst for you.

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